Stop Harassing Debt Collection Calls

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

This is the law that governs how collection agencies may operate their business.

Under the FDCPA, within five days of contacting you about a debt, a debt collector is legally required to send you a written notice:
    Detailing how much you owe
    Including the original name of the creditor
    Notifying you of your rights if you believe you do not owe the money

If you don't receive this proper notification, we often recommend that consumers do not speak or deal with a collection agency except to contact the agency and demand that they provide this to you under the terms of the FDCPA.

The debt collector is required to send you documented proof of the debt you owe, or by law, they must stop contacting you.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act includes other protections for consumers including prohibiting collectors from:
    Calling you at work
    Threatening to take action against you
    Issuing a warrant for your arrest
    Using obscene language
    Talking to your friends or family members about a debt
  • They're often representing companies who've "purchased" your debt from your original lender for pennies on the dollar, and they may be working for commission based upon how much money they can extract from you!

    It is up to you to know your rights under the law and hold their feet to the fire!

    If collectors are calling you and debt has become a problem, this is a sign that you have unsecured debt. The good news is that unsecured debt can often be eliminated rather quickly through debt relief. You can speak to one of our counselors today to find out about what options are available to you. Click here to visit our application page, or call now -
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