Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Obama Credit Card Debt ReliefThe President Obama Credit Card Debt Relief “program” has been around for a while now and what it really means is that if you have over $7,500 in debt, you may be able to negotiate it down. But, consumers MUST be aware of what the “President Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program” really is!

In reality, this program does not exist and is only called the “President Obama credit card debt relief program” because of a marketing tactic used by companies and this is illegal. Obama does not do this work nor does he support it and debt settlement and debt relief companies using his name to lure in unsuspecting consumers is downright wrong.

What really happened was in 2009 Obama signed a bill that pumped billions of dollars into the Economy for the purpose of supporting banks while millions of Americans were defaulting (due to the crisis). The Obama Credit Card Debt Relief program is just a made up name when he signed the bill, used by huge companies. It was very wrong because they used their powerful connections in the press for tricking and confusing people into thinking it was money released for them, not for the companies.

In reality, whether or not there is a “Obama Credit Card Debt Relief” program, Americans can still get out of debt by going with reliable and legitimate debt relief companies.

Even though the Obama Credit Card Debt Relief program does not exist, we can help.

Debt Free Counselor is able to save you up to 60% of the total debt owed. You can receive a free analysis from one of our Debt Counselors by calling (877) 479-4545. Our program is meant for people experiencing medical or financial hardship and have unsecured debt over $7,500 in credit cards, personal loans, medical bills & collection accounts.

We urge all Americans to always be aware of companies trying to take advantage by using words like “Obama Credit Card Debt Relief Program” and “Government Credit Card Debt Relief Program” because it can make a person feel very secure, when in fact it is quite the opposite!

You can also apply on our Apply Now page. One of our top debt counselors will give you a call within 24 hours.

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