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Medical Bills Relief

Over the course of the last 20 years, health care has risen at nearly double the rate of inflation. Nevertheless, medical providers have gotten into the common behavior of overcharging on medical bills. To an uneducated consumer, these often unnoticeable charges can add up to large portions of debt when interest is compounded. One must take proper precautions to check for medical billing errors.

The first step is to obtain an itemized bill as well as your medical and pharmaceutical history records and thoroughly look through it.

Very often on your medical bill, you will find duplicate billing items, where you are being billed twice for the same procedure. Other errors commonly found on a bill are charges for services that were never actually rendered. It's possible that the provider made a mistake and is billing you for procedures that were done on someone else. Or perhaps they are billing you for five procedures when in fact you only had three. It is also common for providers to fabricate charges entirely. Sometimes providers associate procedures by default. Meaning if you had one procedure, then you definitely got certain drugs for that procedure and you were automatically billed for it. But if you are allergic to that medication and the drug was never prescribed, due to computerized billing programs you got billed for it anyway. It is important to understand that most billing programs are subject to human error, and one simple slip of the keyboard can cause a dramatic shift in the amount you're asked to pay.

Medical bills relief comes into effect when a professional counselor analyzes your medical bill and speaks to the provider directly about any overcharges that are associated with your bill. It is also common that the counselor negotiates a settlement on your entire bill based on your personal medical hardship. It's important to understand that even though the American health care system is not perfect, providers are more than willing to negotiate when it comes to a person's health as well as a medical hardship. 

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